About Us

Bookings are now available beginning June 18th, 2021.


What is The Lindy Effect? It's a simple concept with a fancy name: something that has been around longer, sticks around longer. At Fly Lindy, we've been in the aviation safety business for a long time and we don't skimp on safety. Every seat you book is backed with a promise to keep you (and your guests!) safe.

That's why we promise:

  • Two Pilots on every flight with ATP Ratings (The highest certificate issued to commercial pilots in the USA),
  • Advanced aircraft technology, including: terrain awareness & warning systems, traffic collision avoidance systems, 2-Axis autopilot, pop-out floatation system, just to name a few,
  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Rated Aircraft, so flights can be conducted in the clouds safely, and are under the guidance of Air Traffic Control (i.e NO scud running),
  • Wyvern-Wingman Rating (a third party safety agency verifying our policies and procedures are amongst the best in the private aircraft industry).

Fly Lindy is wholly-owned by Grandview Aviation, a Part 135 air carrier certified by the FAA. GrandView Aviation conducts all Fly Lindy flights.

Flight Schedules

Lindy is currently offering routes from Washington, DC, New York City, and Baltimore, MD on Monday's and Friday's with morning and late afternoon departures as follows:

Every Monday and Friday (including holidays):

Baltimore to Washington, DC: 7am

Washington, DC to New York City: 8am

New York City to Washington, DC: 12:30pm

Washington, DC to New York City: 3pm

New York City to Washington, DC: 5pm

Washington, DC to Baltimore: 6:30pm

Flight time to and from Baltimore/DC is approximately 20 minutes, travel time to/from Washington DC and New York City is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.